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An open channel with collected observations on The Weather Today. Maybe have a look and feel free to add. While confronting, we find it helps us acknowledge the unfolding catastrophes and changes to the climate – a first step in adapting and building resilience. Trigger warning: If you feel affected by climate grief, maybe skip this one (and feel free to reach out to us; we're interested in your point of view and are here to listen)

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Walking in Hamburg's Red Light District after New Years Eve HD

Soundwalk (45mins), Hamburg (Germany), POV Kurt Heuvens, track selection by Remote Control (Clint Soren, Carsten Goertz)

On Saturday 2020 02 22, 8PM CET, there will be a screening at a shadow venue in Amsterdam (RSVP below to receive directions)

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Kurt Heuvens
Remote Control

Since the Plastic Purge

It had been a while since Izzy and Kaiko went fishing for technofossils in the dead zone of the Pacific. Sunday was usually their day, but the strong winter currents had made the seas too turbulent. Conditions seemed better, now that spring had arrived. They prepared their ocean scraper and deep-sea diving suits, packed some homegrown seaweed and triple-filtered water. A soft breeze blew through Izzy's wavy hair and for a moment she looked up, at the horizon.

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Georgia Kareola
Ivano Salonia

Venice Walking Tour HD

Soundwalk (38mins), Venice (Italy), POV Kurt Heuvens, track selection by Remote Control (Carsten Goertz, Clint Soren)

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Kurt Heuvens
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