Walking in Hamburg's Red Light District after New Years Eve HD

Soundwalk (45mins), Hamburg (Germany), POV Kurt Heuvens, track selection by Remote Control (Clint Soren, Carsten Goertz)

Come Let Us (feat. Gregory Whitehead) (Mark Pritchard, 2018)
Cigarettes - Eurofierceness Mix (Peder Mannerfelt, 2018)
傀儡謡 I - Making of Cyborg (Kenji Kawai, 1995)
Untitled Dream Sequence (Minimal Violence,2019)
Spaces on Spaces (UMFANG, 2016)
A Season in Hell (Pan Daijing, 2017)
Blinded by the Lights (The Streets, 2004)
Kalimba version: Glory to Hong Kong (香城教育電視, 2019)
3D (Gaika, 2016)
Silver Ocean (Zomby, 2017)
I Lose (GILA, 2019)
4 HOURS Natural sounds: Morning Birds singing - NO MUSIC (1HarryH, 2014)
Rassvet (Buttechno, 2015)
The Big City (continued) (Robert Ashley, 1985)
The Offering of Images (Robert Ashley, 1985)

Shoutout to all featured artists.

On Saturday 2020 02 22, 8PM CET, there will be a screening at a shadow venue in Amsterdam.

Kurt Heuvens
Remote Control

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