DHL Particle/Matter (Remote Control, 2020)

14 June 2020, DHL
Kurt Heuvens

Particle/Matter (2020 edit)
Marcus Schmickler

Remote Control gives an audiovisual reality check with walks through cities, landscapes, and social settings. Chronicling the waste lands of Late Capitalism, this is an aesthetic enquiry into the painpoints of civilization.

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On Eyebrows

Ahmed Saood was the first appointed president of the Eyebrow Encryption Office, also known as Eye-Crypt. His doctoral thesis, “On Eyebrows: the Networked Infrastructure of Identity and Social Compliance”, propelled him up the proverbial ladder to his current position, at the prime age of thirty-two. 

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Walking in Joshua Tree

Soundwalk (20mins), Joshua Tree (USA), POV Clint Soren, original music by Calvin Markus

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