On Eyebrows

Ahmed Saood was the first appointed president of the Eyebrow Encryption Office, also known as Eye-Crypt. His doctoral thesis, “On Eyebrows: the Networked Infrastructure of Identity and Social Compliance”, propelled him up the proverbial ladder to his current position, at the prime age of thirty-two. 

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T. Khalifa
Clint Soren

Walking in Joshua Tree

Soundwalk (20mins), Joshua Tree (USA), POV Clint Soren, original music by Calvin Markus

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Clint SorenCalvin Markus
Remote Control

Rebuild / Holy Stretch

"Walking in Joshua Tree" was scored by our friend Calvin Markus. The two tracks span about 10mins each and can serve as a soundtrack for your own walks, meditations or other forms of introspection.

Calvin Markus is a musician and composer based in Los Angeles. His body of work examines the sonic equilibrium of disorder and control – of immense density and vast space.

Artwork by Clint Soren and Sean Murray. 

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Calvin Markus
Clint SorenSean Murray

All the Qings spoke

Yobi woke up with a small piece of opal in her hand, crying. It happened all the time these days – she was in a fragile state. As she became aware of her tight grip on the rock, she released it and let it rest on her chest for a while. It was warm, having absorbed and stored the heat of her body. Taking a few deep breaths, she slowly raised herself up. She softly told herself something gentle and placed the piece of crystallised earth on the pillow next to her.

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Georgia KareolaIvano Salonia
Petrology 2/3