Saturday 8PM 
2020 02 22

Walking in Hamburg’s Red Light District after New Year’s Eve HD

Please bring your own food and drinks. If you like, you can also bring something to share. We’ll do the same.

Suggested walking route to shadow venue (50-60mins, 4km):

  1. You are at Amsterdam Central Station.
    Go out to the back, where the ferries are.

  2. Take the ferry to the other side (“Buiksloterweg”).
    The ride is free and takes 5mins.
    The view is peaceful, the horizon far.

  3. When you get off the ferry, keep to the left (watch out for scooters).

  4. Cross the bridge (stay off the bike path) and go past the illuminated tower, towards the white polygonal-crystalline architecture.  

  5. You keep to the left and walk around the white crystal (a), right next to the waterfront.

  6. You walk further, down a strip of slightly artificial green. To your right, there are premium apartment complexes.

    The public part of the waterfront ends suddenly, as you hit the gate of Shell’s European headquarters.

  7. You take a sharp right, and then an immediate left turn, to circumnavigate Shell’s human-repellent, dark brick monolith.

  8. You walk on the right side of the “Grasweg”, next to hedges and little houses, while the endless fence of Shell’s empty parking lot stretches itself out on your left.

  9. You continue to walk straight for a longer bit, passing through a somewhat desolate, nondescript area.

  10. After crossing the next bridge, you find another ferry terminal on your left (”Distelweg”). You follow the street as it slopes to the right.

  11. You are on Distelweg now, a hybrid zone of large scale industrial service blocks and generic luxury housing.

  12. At the next corner, turn left and walk past BASIC FIT. Stay on the right side of the street.

  13. You reach the bridge, walk past the mad bikes with the plastic flowers. From this bridge, you can see the future: a floating district of circularly-built, resilient houses (b).

  14. Go straight ahead.
    At the crossing, take a left.

  15. On your right, you will see the containers of WATER appear.

  16. You cross the final bridge, and just a few steps further, you see your destination: the NDSM (c)

  17. Look for the big blue portal.

    (The portal is open)
    You step inside.

    (The portal isn’t open)
    You call.

  18. You’re inside.
    It looks and feels a bit “Synechdoche New York” (d). You see a red building-inside-the-building on your right (looks like a giant LEGO brick, about 10m high).

  19. You go up the metal staircase behind the brick.

  20. You open the door to the green unit on your right.


(a) The architects of this building/area said:
”The area’s distinctive communicative effect goes beyond the confines of the building, thus transforming the visit to (x) into a sustained encounter between urban reality and cinematographic fiction” (source)

(b) The planners of the floating neighbourhood said:
“Climate change and rising sea levels present an immediate danger to communities across the globe. Building on water offers a very effective solution - protecting people from the destructive forces of nature, but also protecting nature from the impact of development.” (source

(c) The place where “Amsterdam” – the Friesland-class destroyer, not the city – was built, among other warships. A massive ex-wharf building, on your right. You really can’t miss it.

(d) A “postmodern drama film” (2008), written and directed by Charlie Kaufman: “The plot follows an ailing theater director (Hoffman) as he works on an increasingly elaborate stage production whose extreme commitment to realism begins to blur the boundaries between fiction and reality. The film's title is a play on Schenectady, New York, where much of the film is set, and the concept of synecdoche, wherein a part of something represents the whole, or vice versa.” (source)