Neo-Metabolism is a planetary research and design practice.

As a cooperative legal entity with no employees, and  located primarily online, they form a globally decentralised scene of contributors with diverse backgrounds and functions.

They conduct earth research, host co-learning sessions, and publish digital, off-chain artifacts and texts.

In 2021, they are initiating their first venture:
Strongholds – an open source housing plan for migratory intentional communities.

Their operational budget is raised by providing support to value-aligned organisations, in the form of Critical Consultancy and Identity Development. Their scope includes strategy, narrative, design and organisational advancement. All their work relationships are build around shared long-term goals, and shaped in continuous workstreams.

Neo-Metabolism recognises capitalism as a dominant governing force of the planet today, and is designed to be fully functional within. However, it rejects any premise of structural inequality, as well as the practices of value extraction that were passed on and refined throughout the ages of colonialism, industrialisation, modernity and techno-capitalism. Neo-Metabolism exists to optimise the relationship between the material flows of the planet, and the agency of its more-than-human inhabitants.

The new replaces the old, the sooner the better.

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